Aggravated Vehicular Homicides & Assaults in Ohio: “How Can You Represent Those People?”


Every day we read in the newspaper of "alcohol-related" accidents, injuries, and fatalities.  It is tragic to hear of innocent people losing their lives or suffering serious physical injuries as a direct result of intoxicated drivers.  When a person who has been charged with a DUI accident resulting in injury or death comes to us for representation, we do not automatically accept the case. 

Typically, we will engage in a lengthy telephone interview with the potential client and their immediate family.  If we are interested in accepting the case for representation and want to learn more, we will schedule an office meeting.  This meeting is very confidential.  At this office meeting we want to "get to know" the prospective client - their story, where they are from, their family and educational background, if they ever served in the military, if they have children, and so on.  In other words, we are looking to help otherwise law abiding folks who may or may not have committed a very serious crime. 

These cases are tough enough to go to court and see the victim's family, news cameras, and the unfortunate presumption of guilt that accompanies every single client.  As a lawyer, if you get to know a client and their family, it becomes much easier to represent them and defend them.