Nurse Accused of Using Patient Information to Get Drugs


A nurse accused of using patients' information to get drugs was allegedly motivated by her addiction to prescription painkillers. The nurse worked at the Stone Ridge Clinic in Dublin, OH associated with the James Cancer Hospital at Ohio State University. The charges involve stolen information from at least 20 patients, and police say she even impersonated one of those patients so that she could get painkillers. The nurse was arrested after she attempted to collect a prescription at a local CVS Pharmacy that she said was for one of her patients, 160 Vicodin. A CVS pharmacist was suspicious and after going through a verification process, determined that the woman was attempting prescription fraud. The pharmacist filled the prescription with placebo pills and then notified police who charged her with identity fraud and deception to obtain a dangerous drug. Attorney Brad Koffel represented the nurse, stating that she had become addicted to painkillers after serious medical problems in the past.